Drive 190 mph, Using No Hands?!

Drive 190 mph, Using No Hands?!

The government in Germany has approved a hands-free driving system that can be used on certain German hiways.  . This hands-free system by Mercedes Benz is called, ““Drive Pilot” and it will be allowed on some parts of the Autobahn, again, hands free. Btw, on some parts of the German autobahn network has no speed limit, with some cars going over 190 mph. I know some people will try that hands free…the technical term for those people is idiots. (Car Scoops)

A new study by Korea’s Seoul National University reveals that eating dark chocolate makes people happier. Researchers say study participants, who ate 10 grams of dark chocolate three times a day were in a better mood than those, who did not. Why can’t we get in a research study like that.

And finally,

A restaurant owner, from Manchester, England, recently had to refund a customer’s money because they said their ice cream was too cold. Hassan Habib owns Lucky’s Ice Cream Shop. He says the customer ordered four milkshakes, a cheesecake and some ice cream. They called for a refund because they said their ice cream and shakes were too cold. Hassan honored their request. Uh, hassan, you just could have waited an hour. (9News)