Smell Like the Internet!

Smell Like the Internet!

Researchers in Germany have created a robot arm that took only 90 minutes to learn how to play ping pong. Using just two cameras, this thing was able to master tracking the location of a ping pong ball — and hitting it — in just about an hour-and-a-half, at a 98% success rate. Hey, researcher in Germany, is that the best you could come with? (New Scientist)

American Airlines is now selling their wine to consumers. The airline has a surplus of wine because they no longer serve alcohol on flights due to drunk passengers. Flagship Cellars, the company that makes the airline’s wine, is now selling three bottles per month for $99. But you have to drink it in little plastic cups, just like on the plain…with that napkin they give you that’s the size of a postage stamp. (The Drinks Business)

And finally,

Speaking of buying gifts … If you don’t know what to get someone, why not get them a cologne called “Scent of the Internet.” Apparently, it smells like sweat and cheap office chairs. According to the description, it’s “an extract of raw minerals and sweat, spiking dopamine from the vantage of a polyurethane chair.” It’s available to purchase at HighSnobiety. It’s the gift for that someone you’re not that crazy about. (Independent)