Ladies Underwear as a Virus Mask?

Ladies Underwear as a Virus Mask?

A Millbrook, Alabama shoplifter recently fled from Walmart in an Uber car. Jacob Warner Jr stole several pieces of merchandise before calling an Uber. Walmart employees gave cops a description of the Uber before they stopped the car and arrested him. I hope he at least gave the driver a good rating. (WSFA)

A Florida man was kicked off of a United Airlines flight from a Fort Lauderdale to Washington D.C. flight, because he wore wom  en’s underwear as a coronavirus face mask! Adam Jenne says the underwear was covering his nose and mouth and complied with TSA rules. Flight attendants kicked him off the fight anyway. Adam has also been banned from future flights, but Victoria Secret has seen a spike in sales of their new thong masks!

And finally,

Chris Calvert is going viral because he is known as the ‘Clark Griswold of Pecan Grove, Texas’. Chris has decorated his home with 30,000 holiday lights and 50 inflatable’s. He says it takes him a month to set up. I hope he has all the same type of family members at his Christmas dinner, as the Griswolds did. (KHOU)