Christmas Tree Syndrome?

Christmas Tree Syndrome?

Did you know that Mistletoe translates to “dung on a stick.” According to Interflora, the original name for mistletoe was mis-talt-an. Mistal comes from the Anglo Saxon word for “dung” and tan means “stick.” Something to think about next time you’re kissing under the mistletoe. (Best Life)

Christmas trees can make some people sick. Upstate Medical University in New York says Christmas Tree Syndrome is caused by mold spores. It results in coughing, wheezing, lethargy and insomnia. Other symptoms include fatigue, chest pains, sinus congestion, itchy nose and shortness of breath. (That usually happens to my wife after she opens the gifts I buy her…so maybe it IS the tree!)

And finally,

Does the SAT even matter anymore? Harvard University just announced that at least through 2026, it won’t use the SAT or ACT as part of its admissions process. Harvard accepts fewer than 8% of its applicants, so obviously the administration there doesn’t put a lot of stock in standardized testing.  That’s the main reason why I didn’t go to Harvard and went to Nassau Community College instead.