Heinz Ran Out of Ketchup!

Heinz Ran Out of Ketchup!

As if this NFL season couldn’t get any more bizarre, Heinz Field — home of the Pittsburgh Steelers — reportedly ran out of ketchup during Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. To be clear … Heinz Field has been named after the H.J. Heinz Company since 2001, the largest ketchup manufacturer in America. And, they ran out of ketchup.

Kate Cunningham, who married a tree in 2019, says their relationship is still going strong. Kate, who lives in Merseyside, England, visits the tree five times a week and has even decorated it with a wreath, tinsel and ornaments for Christmas. She says, “It’s our third Christmas together now so it almost feels like a tradition to get the decorations out for it.” Kate does have one criticism for her husband, the tree, she says, he never wants to do anything. (IndiaTimes.com)

And finally,

There is a company called, and I can’t say the actual name on the air, but let’s say it’s called “S Express.” They allow you to send horse manure and other animal waste anonymously for Christmas. The company delivers to those, who are disliked. S***Express only accepts Bitcoin payments making it nearly impossible to trace the sender. Deliveries cost $15 and can be gift wrapped. I’m thinking this is the only company on the planet that isn’t having a supply chain issue.