When Elephants Smell Like Christmas!

When Elephants Smell Like Christmas!

If you’re going to rob a bank and try to make a run for it, don’t do it on a sall island with only one way out. 31-year-old Alphonso Woods robbed a bank in Key West, Florida and tried to flee from police. Unfortunately for him, Key West is an island that’s only four square-miles and has only one way out. ┬áCops closed off the exit and arrested him within 15 minutes. Well planned out Alphonso. (KeysWeekly)

Unilad says England’s Staffordshire University is now offering a one year Masters course in Pantomime Academics. It’s not a certificate course,. it’s a masters degree program. The studies involves practical pantomime training and research into the role of pantomime in the 21st Century. Needless to say the instructor never has to tell the students, to quiet down.

And finally,

The Berlin Zoo is feeding Christmas trees to elephants. The elephants love the smell and taste of the pine trees. Local Christmas tree sellers donate them. Many people bring their real trees to the zoo after Christmas rather than throw them away. It’s the only time of the year when the back of the elephant smells better than the front.