TV You Can Taste!

TV You Can Taste!

In Bridgeport, Illinois, they’ve got a “tool library,” with more than 2,500 tools on the shelves for any of the 1,500 members to use. The whole idea, of course, is to provide a bunch of tools to use for projects — so you don’t have to buy them yourself. I’m sure this will encourage amateurs to use these tools, so maybe the local EMS number should also come with every rental. (Block Club Chicago)

From the “don’t look prettier than the bride file…The Toronto Sun says Alena Yildiz, of Germany, was recently uninvited to her friend’s wedding because she looked too good in the dress she was wearing. Alena posted some pictures of the dress. The bride saw the pictures and immediately uninvited her. (If you’ve ever wondered why brides pick the ugliest dresses for their bridesmaids…you question has just been answered.)

And finally,

A professor at a Japanese university unveiled his latest innovation: a TV with a screen the viewer can taste. Homei Miya-shita says his “Taste the TV” invention uses a combination of 10 flavors to create the taste of the food pictured on the screen. The way it works is, if you see chocolate, a slide appears on the screen, where you then lick the screen to “taste” what you see. The professor said he believes the technology could be used to give people unable or unwilling to travel,     the ability to sample flavors from around the world. This sounds great, except if your watching say, the walking dead. Then, maybe, not so much. (UPI)