Now, You Can Print Out a HOUSE!

Now, You Can Print Out a HOUSE!

Two brothers from New Hampshire have been giving each other the same box of candy for the last 30 years. Their tradition started in 1987 when Ryan Wasson jokingly gave a “Santa’s Candy Book” to his brother, Eric. Eric re-gifted Ryan with the book the next year. Ryan says, “We’ve come up with some pretty entertaining ways to give it to each other, including freezing it in a block of ice and putting it into a block of Jell-O. Now I’m dying to know what the candy tastes like after all those years.(WMUR)

Iowa State University announced it will be using its giant 3D printer to print out affordable homes for a rural town. The university said the College of Design’s 3D Affordable Innovative Technologies Housing Project, will build an entire neighborhood in Hamburg, Iowa. The school said its giant 3D printer features a huge nozzle that dispenses concrete, which makes it possible to build an entire home in a matter of days. House made of concrete…great, but hanging a picture is going to be tough.

And finally,

The Daily Mail says two tombs were recently uncovered in Cairo, Egypt. They contained the remains of a man and woman, who died 2,500 years ago. Their regular tongues were replaced with gold ones so they could communicate with Osoris, the God of the underworld. The tomb also contained jewelry and figurines. You when they get wind of this, you just know that one of the Kardashians will gold plate their tongue.