The Giant Bologna Drop!

The Giant Bologna Drop!

Fox News says elephants in Thailand recently passed out hand sanitizer, face masks and balloons to students while wearing Santa hats and surgical masks. Reangrhongbaht Meepan, the event’s organizer, says, “We know students have been stressed because of online classes, so we are hoping this event can make them happy and encourage them to come to school.” Yes, it’s a weird news story, but really just wanted to see if I could pronounce, Reangrhongbaht Meepan. Nailed it.

People are ingesting colloidal silver in an effort to ward off the Omicron variant. Silver particles are suspended in liquid before people drink them. Side effects include the skin turning blue or gray. The FDA has warned that colloidal silver isn’t safe or effective in treating any disease or condition. Unless you’re the tin man, then have at it. (Raw Story)

And finally,

You know how we drop that giant ball made of crystals in Times Square, well, the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania might have us beat! Because they are famous for marshmallow candies, at midnight, they drop a 400 pound peep! Even better the city of Lebanon, Pennsylvania typically drops a 12 foot, 200-pound piece of bologna.  We have to up our game of dropping things that are edible from very tall buildings in New York.