His Tax Bill is $10.7 BILLION!

His Tax Bill is $10.7 BILLION!

CNN says Elon Musk’s 2021 federal tax bill is going to be $10.7 billion. Most of the bill comes from his buying and selling of Tesla stock. Musk has allegedly paid little to no income tax since 2018. Omg, I feel so bad for him.

An American businessman, named Ryan Peterson, is sending several tons of potatoes to Japan. Last month, McDonald’s restaurants in Japan announced that they were suspending sales of medium and large fry orders because of a potato shortage. Ryan’s potatoes will allow 2.2 million orders of fries to be made. He’s sending the poatoes in three 747 jets. This is how boring my life is, now even potatoes have more frequent flyers than me.

And finally,

Metro UK says Gemma Chamberlain, of London, is going viral because she has already purchased and wrapped her Christmas gifts for 2022. She bought clothing, shoes, boots, cologne, toys, bath bombs and board games at half price. In unison, the internet reacted d with, “Just calm down, Gemma!