She Got Married…to the Color Pink!

She Got Married…to the Color Pink!

An Argentinian woman is going viral because of her face mask. The woman walked into an ice cream parlor, took off her dress, and wrapped it around her face because the place requires all customers to wear coronavirus masks. The woman stood in line in her bra and panties. The owners asked the woman to leave. Her friends ended up buying her ice cream. (Daily Mail)

KVVU says Kitten Kay Sera married the c olor pink in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day. She says she’s loved the color for 40 years. She’s quoted as saying, “A kid on a skateboard said to me, wow you love pink, right?” I said, ‘Yeah, I love it so much,’ and he goes, ‘You love it so much, why don’t you marry it?’ And I thought, ‘This kid’s on to something’.”  You know, I’ love a Big Mac, but we’ll just remain friends.

And finally, and speaking of McDonalds…

A couple of McDonald’s locations in China have installed stationary bikes in place of seats in an effort to promote exercising while chowing down on a Big Mac and fries. The bikes let people burn calories as they consume them, but they serve another purpose, too. Pedaling the bikes actually generates energy and allows diners to charge their phones while eating and exercising. Which  think is a great idea…as long as no one wears bicycle shorts…then I’d lose my appetite. (Independent)