The Serial Butt Grabber!

The Serial Butt Grabber!

There is a serial butt grabber running around New York! NYPD posted pictures of the man, hoping someone will recognize him. He’s been grabbing people’s butts on the subway. The man appears to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan because he’s wearing a Brewers cap. What, did he run out of butts in Milwaukee, so he had to come here? (The Shore News Network)

Forget weighted blankets, the latest trend is … weighted workout clothes. From leggings, to tops, to sleeves, these workout clothes have the weights built in, to take your resistance training to the next level. And these weighted clothes aren’t just for when you’re actually exercising. Wearing them while doing your day-today chores will also pump you up as well. I don’t think I can do that…I get winded washing a dish. (WSJ)

And finally,

A 12 year old, from Weston, Florida, recently graduated from Broward College with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average. Sawsan Ahmed now plans to enroll at the University of Florida where she will study computer programming, chemistry and biology. She earned her high school diploma at the age of 9. It’s gotta be a blow to the ego when the kid in your class with the “My Little Pony Pen is kicking your butt in chemistry. (Daily Mail)