Change the Color of Your Car Every Day!

Change the Color of Your Car Every Day!

Several dozen boozed-up hipsters boarded a charter flight from Montreal to Cancun last week and refused to obey mask regulations, while also over-serving themselves in mid-air. They posted video of rowdy flight, which showed people dancing in the aisle and on seats and passing around a large bottle of vodka. As it turns out, they are in a less party mood now, because they’re running low on cash and every airline they approached refused to fly them home. (TravelWeek)

And you thought your wedding was wild. Mountain climbers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington invited guests to the summit of a volcano in Ecuador. They figured not many people would attend, but 42 guests — most of whom had never hiked to high altitude — made the nine-day trek, only to find out the actual wedding would take plac e on a beach a few days later. I would not given them an envelope. (GMA)

And finally,

When choosing a color for your new car, now you can change that color anytime you want with the push of a button! BMW has unveiled the iX Flow, which is wrapped in an electronic paper that can change color. So if you don’t want a black car on a hot day, make it white just by pushing a button! This sounds great, but I can’t find my car NOW inĀ  a parking lot. never mind trying to remember what color I made it today!