Mickey-D’s Now Serving Swim Suits?

Mickey-D’s Now Serving Swim Suits?

27 people ice-fishing in the Bay of Green Bay needed rescuing. On Saturday morning, a huge chunk of ice broke from the shore, with 27 on it, with the ice “deteriorating rapidly.” Luckily, the Coast Guard rescued them all, just as the ice broke into smaller pieces! The  Sheriff’s Office said, “always keep a cell phone with you when standing or traveling on ice.” Or, you could always, just go to the fish store!

A University of Virginia student, named Brian Donohue, recently picked up a $1 million-dollar lottery prize! His mother had placed a lottery ticket in his stocking on Christmas morning. It was a winner and worth $1 million after taxes.  Brian’s Mom was even more excited than Brian, because, as she  said, “Now he can pay his own tuition!”

And finally,

McDonald’s has launched their own line of swimwear. Women can buy one piece and bikini swimsuits with images of Big Macs, fries and colas. McDonald’s is producing a Speedo for men with the same images. The swimsuits will sell for up to $64. They are currently on sale in Australia because it is Summer there  Excuse me, is that 2 all-beef patties special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a seseme bun…or, are you happy, well, you know the rest. (Newsweek)