The Shortest Marriage Ever!

The Shortest Marriage Ever!

A teenage hacker from Germany is going viral because he gained remote control of 25 Tesla cars in 13 different countries. David Colombo gained access to the electric vehicles through a software glitch. He was able to open doors and windows and start certain cars. David pranked some Tesla owners by playing Rick Astley’s music. Um, David, Rick Astley music is not a prank, it is a blessing. “Baby Shark” would have been a prank.(LAD Bible)

Talk about the shortest marriage ever…a groom from Iraq decided to divorce his wife…in the middle of their wedding reception! The unidentified man became upset when his new bride started dancing provocatively to a Syrian song. Judging from his reaction, I’m guessing he passed on the removing of the garter ceremony. (Gulf News)

And finally,

Former NFL star, and current ESPN announcer, Bart Scott, is recommending NFL players take Viagra before their games, especially in colder climates. He says taking it increases circulation and keeps you warm during games played in freezing weather. He said it builds up circulation, including the feet. However, many players won’t follow his advice, because it can make them test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Insert your own comment here, because I need this job. (USA Today)