Don’t Get Stuck in Nevada!

Don’t Get Stuck in Nevada!

-A woman from China went wild at a bridal salon after not getting her deposit back. The woman grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up 32 dresses worth $11,000. The woman said she would not have been destructive if the store had just refunded her $550. On the upside the bridal dress store has  alot of white lace doilies on sale. (Insider magazine)

A bride, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked for a divorce the day after her wedding! Apparently, as the bride went in for a closer look at the wedding cake, the groom shoved her face in it. In his defense, the groom had several hundred back-up cupcakes after the planned pastry attack. But the day after the wedding, she asked for a divorce. I’m assuming the wedding night was more “frosty” than the cupcakes.  (The Daily Mirror)

And finally,

There was a survey of 3,000 people to find out who would stop to help a driver whose car had broken down during a snowstorm. Nevada drivers are the least likely to stop and help a stranded driver while Wyoming and Idaho drivers are the most likely to stop and help. We’re not sure where New Yorkers placed in that survey…because New Yorkers wouldn’t stop to answer the survey! (Gunther Volkswagen)