The Biggest Hairball EVER!

The Biggest Hairball EVER!

In Thailand, the price of pork has been on the rise — which has led to an increased demand for crocodile meat. It’s high in protein, low in fat and — supposedly, and I’m not making this up…tastes just like chicken. (Vice)

Most barbershops sweep up and toss hair clippings, but not Blockers salon in Cambridge, Ohio. The owner, Steve Warden instead collected it. In fact, he also collected hair clippings from about 100 other barbershops to form the largest ball of human hair. The monster hairball, or “Hoss” as it’s been named, weighs 225 pounds and has even gone on tour to places like Comic Con in Orlando where people could add their own hair to it. How do you care for something like that…3 tons of head and shoulders twice a week?

And finally,

A guy in Los Angeles named Rich Roll, who happens to be an ultra-endurance athlete, says he’s been sleeping for the past couple years in a tent in his yard — while his wife sleeps in their bed. Rich claims this hasn’t messed up his marriage. In fact, quite the opposite. Rich claims that the arrangement supports his sleep and connects him to nature — and leaves both him and his wife both happy and rested. So, ladies, want to strengthen your marriage, tell your hubby to sleep in a tent in the yard…assuming he’s not there already. (Insider)