Movie Studio in Space?

Movie Studio in Space?

Tennessee is launching a trash-for-beer initiative, that aims to clean up the state by offering folks a free pint of beer if they spend some time picking up trash. More than 20 craft breweries across the state are participating in the “Pick-up for a Pint” campaign. Volunteers will meet up at a designated location and clean up the area. When they’re done, they’ll enjoy a free cold one. It’s like chain gang light! (The Tennessean)

The York Regional, Canada police are looking for a man, who stole an $8,000 guitar from a local music store. The man stuffed the guitar down his pants before leaving. Police have posted surveillance video in hopes someone recognizes the man. The cops say they’re looking for a man wearing guitar shaped pants. (CTV News)

And finally,

A company called Space Entertainment Enterprise is working on building a movie studio in space that could be launched as soon as 2024. The spacecraft will be designed to “host films, television, music and sports events as well as artists, producers and creative’s who want to make content in the low orbit, micro-gravity environment.”  I’m thinking the aliens are thinking, “please keep your Nicholas Cage movies to yourself.”Have you seen “Vampire’s Kiss?” (SpaceRef)