The Monkey Dentist!

The Monkey Dentist!

A Chesterfield County, Virginia dentist recently performed a root canal on a 20 year-old chimpanzee named Kip. The Metro Richmond Zoo called Dr Bruce Overton because Kip’s upper canine tooth needed a root canal. Kip was sedated for the procedure…ya think? He’s doing well. There’s something wrong when a chimps insurance covers a root canal and mine doesn’t. He’s probably getting Invisaline next. (WRIC)

Temperatures in the 30s and 40s in Florida are causing iguanas to freeze and fall from trees. Some residents have found iguana’s lying on their backs on their lawn. Meteorologist Vivian Gonzalez says they become immobile when temps drop & they can fall from trees, but they are not dead. Don’t approach them     . Once the sun is out, they will move.”  How do you think the iguanas feel about that…they “come to” on the ground like, what the heck? (Newsweek)

And finally,

Long before The Jetsons debuted, science fiction fans envisioned a future including flying cars. Well, the future is here! The new AirCar is here! The AirCar — which features a BMW engine — has completed 70 hours of flying, including 200 take-offs and landings. And when it lands, it takes about three minutes to turn back into a car with the touch of a button. Never mind flying, it better come with cup holders, otherwise, why bother?