The Surgeon…Who’s a Robot!

The Surgeon…Who’s a Robot!

An 18 year-old from Windsor, Pennsylvania recently refused to return a Mercedes Benz after taking it for a test drive. Donavin Amer thought he had a new car until cops used the cars’ built-in GPS to track it. They found Donavin and the car at a home near the dealership. He was charged with theft by deception. At least he went for a Mercedes, right? (LancasterOnline)

I mentioned last week that you can have a Madagascar hissing cockroach named after your ex at the Bronx Zoo, well the Lehigh Valley Zoo, in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, is doing one better! For Valentines day, you can name a cricket after your ex, and then…have it fed to an animal. Each cricket naming costs $5 Fun for yo9u..not so much for the cricket.

And finally,

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have programmed a robot to perform surgery without human help. The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot — or STAR — actually performed a complicated and delicate procedure on a pig. And, this robot supposedly did a better job than human surgeons. Whi ch sounds great, but, here’s hoping there’s not a power blackout in the middle of your appendectomy.