Dumb Cats?

Dumb Cats?

Food delivery isn’t typically part of the job for a Sioux Falls police officer, but it was on for Officer Sam Buhr. Sam showed up at the home of Anastasia Elsinger with her food order from Arby’s. Officer Buhr explained that her DoorDash driver was arrested, but didn’t elaborate, but he was kind enough to deliver her order. Her doorbell camera recorded the event and has been seen more than 11 million times. Btw, she didn’t tip the officer.

A Tampa, Florida teacher recently had her sister mail her a snowman from Kentucky. Robin Hughes asked for the snowman after she learned that only two of her kindergarten students had ever seen snow. Robin’s sister packed the snowman in foil and ice packs and then placed it in a styrofoam box. The students cheered when they saw it. But the kids were told not to touch it…isn’t that half the fun? (WLEX)

And finally,

A new study published in Royal Society Open Science reveals that cat brains are smaller than they used to be. Researchers believe that domesticating cats has caused their “cranial volume” to shrink. I challenge that finding, I think cats are just as smart as their ancestors…they just care even less what you think about them.