No Finger Prints…Just a FINGER Left Behind!

No Finger Prints…Just a FINGER Left Behind!

Police responding to a burglary call at a recycling plant in Milan searched for clues and found, not a fingerprint, but a whole finger left behind! It seems the thief lost his finger when it became snagged on some barbed wire. He even sent a friend back to the scene to find the finger because it had his wedding ring on it. Police have taken custody of the severed digit and hope it will lead them to the nine-fingered suspect. That’s obviously the only reason you can get away with, for not wearing your wedding ring. (The Guardian)

Hormel is celebrating the Super Bowl by giving away a 15-gallon chili cheese keg. The keg features a cheese pump and 15 gallons of dip. The keg is reusable and will be able to provide 300 servings of Hormel chili cheese. You know at some Super Bowl party, someone s is going to put their mouth under that thing. (News Concerns)

And finally,

How often should people bathe? Daily? Every other day? How about every 67 years? An 87-year-old man in Iran left doctors stunned when he was shown to be in perfect health despite having not bathed at all since the 1950s. Amou Haji has been declared as being  “the world’s dirtiest man.” He says he chooses not to bathe because he believes soap will make him sick. Doctors ran a slew of tests on him and say he’s healthy! So he’s quite literally, a dirty old man.(LADBible)