Biting Back a Tarantula!

Biting Back a Tarantula!

-A Kansas City Chiefs fan, named Tim Hunter, told his friend that he would eat a tarantula if the Chiefs lost to the Bengals. Hunter made good on his promise as soon as the game ended. He ordered the zebra tarantula from Hunter said the tarantula tasted like dirty dried grass. Even more shocking than the guy eating a tarantula is you can get them on Amazon! (NBC)

Over the weekend, the Pillow Fighting Championship crowned its first ever champions. It featured 16 men and eight women — most using mixed martial arts and boxing, while doing battle with a specialized pillow. A Brazilian woman — Istela Nunes — and an American man — Hauley Tillman — each took home $5,000 in prize money. I wonder of the title sponsor was MY Pillow. Someone call that guy!

And finally,

– Tesla is recalling 54,000 cars because their self-driving software fails to fully stop a car at stop signs. The rolling stop could result in accidents. Tesla is planning to fix the software glitch sometime this month. Here’s an inexpensive way to stop that problem….drive the car yourself! You know that Tesla is the prelude to Skynet, for you Terminator fans.! (Business Insider)