They Took Their Own Mug Shots!

They Took Their Own Mug Shots!

A Tokyo bar is offering a new service to women. NonDA90 offers babysitting services for husbands and boyfriends. They have posted a sign that reads: ”We’ll take care of your husband or boyfriend who’s getting in the way of you enjoying shopping or relaxing in a cafe! The bar charges $5 for every 15 minutes of babysitting. Isn’t that why they make sports bars? (Sora News)

Four men in Herefordshire, England, played the board game Dune for 85 hours — and broke a Guinness record along the way. The guys, all members of the Herefordshire Boardgamers group, played 79 rounds of Dune, for a total time of over 85 hours. Apparently, they broke the Guinness World Record…and also consumed a record amount of Guinness in the process.

And finally,

A couple of dumb thieves in Georgia made their crime easy to solve for police. Police say teenage crooks stole a pickup truck and all of the contents left inside, including the owner’s cellphone. During their joyride they decided to take selfies on the phone they found in the truck. Little did they realize that the phone is set up to automatically upload the photos to the owner’s Google account. The owner of the truck sent the pictures to the cops, and the bad guys were arrested. It’s sorta like they took their own mug shots. (WTVC-TV)