Live Under the Sea!

Live  Under the Sea!

Scientists in Japan are building a giant city under the sea. This real-life Atlantis is expected to cost over $25 billion — and could be dropped two-and-a-half miles beneath the surface of the ocean in about eight years. Supposedly, this thing will let us use the deep sea for resources  — and get all its energy with a generator that uses different levels of ocean temperatures.  This is just so great, because we’ve done such a bang-up job, making the land areas of the earth so perfect! (Business Insider)

Speaking of the sea, you may think of algae as something you find in a pond or a fish tank, but now you can add beer to that list. A French brewer — called Hoppy Urban Brew — has a new beer that’s brewed with algae. The algae used in the beer contains a natural pigment that actually turns the beer blue. Those who have tried it say you can’t taste the algae at all. maybe they can use the brown alge that shows up in  the great south bay at times. It;s win -win, we get  rid of that awful allege and they can make a nice brown ale out of it!

And finally,

– IKEA is providing 3D printed vegan meatballs during job interviews. The company hopes the free food attracts better and more diverse candidates.  Only the meatballs have an Ikea kinda name, they call them “Furgenbergs.” (Yeah, I made that up.)