A $30 Painting, Worth $10 Million!

A $30 Painting, Worth $10 Million!

Adam Castle had active warrants out for his arrest related to drugs. He was stopped by the cops   and tried to evade arrest by giving a false name and a false social security number. Unfortunately for him, the social security he gave belonged to someone who also had active arrest warrants, so Adam was placed under arrest. And he also charged with giving police false info. (The Richmond Register)

A drawing purchased at a Massachusetts yard sale for $30 is nowhere near worth that much. It’s actually worth about $10 million more. A Boston-based art collector named Clifford Schorer was asked to look at a drawing that someone bought for $30 at a yard sale. It turns out, it was a piece by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, who died in 1528, and it’s value was put at $10 million. Great for the person who bought it, but  here’s hoping the person who sold it, never finds out about it!

And finally,

St Patrick’s College, in Ballarat, Australia, has banned students from wearing mullets. Mohawks, rat tails, moptops and dreadlocks are also unacceptable. The school says, “If a haircut and/or colouring does not meet College’s expectations, then students will be asked to adjust it accordingly. “In extreme cases, students will be asked t go home until the hair/style has been changed to the requirements of the College.  They tried that in schools in the USA, but then, no students showed up…and many teachers, too! (LAD Bible)