Never Mind a Mask, Use Pantyhose!

Never Mind a Mask, Use Pantyhose!

60,000 bees were recently stolen from the Giant grocery store headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Three giant hives were taken. The police are looking for the bee thieves. Police speculate that the thieves wanted the hives for their honey. Ya think? (WSEE)

A new study by Cambridge University reveals that putting pantyhose over your head, like a bank robber, is better at stopping the coronavirus than a mask. Researchers say the pantyhose are seven times more effective than coronavirus masks at stopping viral particles from entering your mouth and nose. Scientists speculate this is the reason the low levels of the corona virus in band robbers.

And finally,

If you see a naked man holding a fire extinguisher while being chased by a crowd of people through the streets of Tampa, you know there has to be great story behind it. Police were called when a man got naked and pulled the fire alarm at a high-rise apartment building. Then, as panicked residents ran out of the building, he doused them with the fire extinguisher. Once people realized there wasn’t a fire, they chased him down the street until cops arrived and intervened. No word on whether alcohol was involved, but I’m thinking…probably. (WFLA-TV)