This Will Test Your Patience!

This Will Test Your Patience!

How patient are you? A website, is supposed to give you a lesson in patience. They way they do it is, when you click on it…it never loads, it just sits there saying, loading…forever. Well played, internet.

The Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife has a government program that pays people to catch fish. It seems there are too many Northern Pikeminnow in the rivers — which is causing problems for salmon. So, the Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program pays from $5 to $8 per fish caught over nine inches. The more fish you bring in, the more they pay. The highest earner in the program last year brought home over $60,000. Not too bad for a side hustle.

And finally,

The Scioto County Daily News says the police were recently called to a Scioto County, Ohio nursing home after two elderly residents got into a fight. They were battling over a can of soda pop. Officers got the residents to calm down…no arrested were needed ,as everyone fell asleep in the rec room during Dr . Phil.