Dryer Lint as Art?

Dryer Lint as Art?

A Monroe County, Pennsylvania woman is going viral because she turns dryer lint into sculptures and art. Heidi Hooper worked as a metalsmith and sculptor before nerve damage forced her to seek another medium. Her dryer lint sculptures are on display at galleries throughout northeast Pennsylvania.  She must do a lot of Landry to have that much dryer lint. (WBRE)

According to a new study from Washington State University, people prefer interacting with female robots in hotels. Researchers found that people seem to still have some gender stereotypes in service roles — and feel more comfortable when they’re being cared for by machines with female traits. The female robot — named Sara — received a more positive rating than her co-worker, a male service robot named Alex.

And finally,

Speaking of robots, the St Petersburg, Florida police are now employing a robotic police K9. Spot can walk on rough terrain, climb stairs and open doors. Spot has several cameras and a speaker that allows its trainer to talk to hostage-takers and criminals. This dog would be perfect for Sara and Alex, the robots who work at the hotel! (WTSP)