World’s Biggest Margarita!

World’s Biggest Margarita!

Since it’s National Margarita Day,  ABC says Applebee’s is celebrating with margarita drink specials. One of their restaurants is celebrating the day with a 1,500-pound margarita. The drink contains 19 bottles of Gold Tequila, 13 bottles of triple sec, 2,028 oz of margarita mix and 200 pounds of ice. The drink is being served in a frozen glass that stands six feet tall and is 4.5 feet wide.

Virgin Galactic has opened ticket sales to everyone! The trips — which will take you to an altitude of more than 50 miles — will cost $450,000 and include several days of training. During the 90-minute flight, you’ll experience about four minutes of weightlessness before returning to Earth. You’d think for that amount of money the beverage cart better be all top shelf.

And finally,

Tik Tok member, named “A sparkle in the sky,” is going viral for having named her daughter Journey. She said, “My pregnancy was a long journey and upon her birth I was blessed with a new amazing journey, so I named her, “Journey.” It all seemed very sweet until many people would start singing, “Don’t Stop Believin” when they found out her name. Even so, she says, “I can’t imagine her with any other name.” I wonder if her brother, “Motley Cure” has the same problem. (The Sun)