Royal Perfume for Dogs!

Royal Perfume for Dogs!

An Illinois man with a warrant out for his arrest dug himself a deeper hole. 36-year-old Matthew Bushman knew he’d be going to jail so he provided police with a fake name and birth date. Cops suspected he was lying, especially when they looked at him and saw his neck tattoo which said, “Matty B.” After the cops confirmed his real identity, they added a new charge of obstructing justice. (The Sun)

The Daily Mail says Queen Elizabeth has launched her own line of perfumes for dogs. The $10 Happy Hounds Dog Cologne uses witch hazel and oils to get rid of wet dog smells. The Queen uses her perfume on her own corgis. Like those dogs have ever gotten wet (baths not withstanding.)

And finally,

A father in France was so frustrated that his kids were spending so much time online that he set up a multi-wave band jammer to temporarily cut off the internet connection at his house. Unfortunately, this illegal jammer was so powerful that it knocked out the internet connection in the entire town. Because of this stunt — and the problems it caused — this guy now faces up to six months in prison. The ironic part is, now the kids have internets access so they can zoom with him in jail.