Careful Where You Ditch That Stolen Car!

Careful Where You Ditch That Stolen Car!

Alexander Thompson had no trouble speeding off in a stolen car ride, and managed to get 15 miles away from the scene before deciding to pull off the road and into a barn, where he stashed the Volvo he had taken.  His plan would have worked perfectly, if the barn wasn’t on a property owned by two police officers, who had him arrested. (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

The Boston police arrested Matthew Abraham earlier this week for attempting to break into a local zoo. The 24 year old was caught climbing over a gate at 9 a.m. He was trying to get into the tiger enclosure. Matthew was charged with trespassing. He said, the eye of the tiger is the most dangerous thing you’ll ever see in your whole life. I was trying to get close enough to the tiger to look into its eye. The problem with that Matt is, the tigers mouth is usually located very close to his eyes. (WHDH)

And finally,

A team of scientists in Germany have designed the world’s smallest battery that can power a computer the size of a grain of dust. Scientists around the world keep pushing the limits of size — trying to get smaller and smaller — with the hopes of developing tiny gadgets that can swim in the bloodstream and figure out what’s going on in our bodies. They say this battery is rechargeable and can stay powered up for up to 10 hours. So you have to plug yourself into your iphone charger.