Committing a Crime? Don’t Drool!

Committing a Crime? Don’t Drool!

Elon Musk has been pushing for — and working toward — setting up a colony on Mars. Musk and his team of scientists have already figured out that survival on Mars will require a self-sustaining city, featuring solar-powered hydroponic farms … and vegan diets. No meat. No cheese. No butter. Just salad. All day. Every day. That is, until the build the first McDonalds ten minutes after they land.

The New Jersey State Police recently used drool to bust a burglar. William Clifford broke into a home in Burlington County where he drooled before stealing copper piping. Cops found the drool and tested its DNA. A match came back and it was Williams.  Cops found him and charged him with burglary.  See, this is wear a virus mask could have helped him out. (NBC)

And finally,

Can you work from home and be in the office at the same time…apparently, yes, you can! A TikTok video shows a doctor’s office receptionist who is both there and not there at the same time. Where she would sit in the office is a computer tablet, where she checks people in for their appointments, and helps them with their paper work, even though she’s doing it from home! Sure, it’s  great idea, until somebody  STEALS the receptionist!  (Daily Dot)