Uber Drivers Rate YOU!

Uber Drivers Rate YOU!

What kind of passenger are you? Now you can find out. A recent update to the Uber app now lets riders see how drivers have rated you. Drivers rate their riders on a 1-5 scale. If you’re unhappy with your score, drivers recommend you stop slamming the car door, don’t get sick in the backseat and no getting busy in the car. Drivers see your ratings before deciding if they’ll pick you up, so if you have issues finding an U ber – that might be why!  (In The Know)

Read the fine print … Van Halen once put a clause in their contract rider asking for M&Ms, but with all the brown ones removed. They didn’t actually care — they just wanted to be sure people read the contract. NBC’s new Peacock streaming service is pulling the same thing on subscribers. We all just skip over the fine print and click OK when we sign up for stuff like that. But if you do that with Peacock, you’ll miss Kevin’s Famous Chili Recipe from The Office — it’s tucked right in there. (Today)

And finally,

What’s the biggest thing you’ve given to a partner that you regretted after you broke up? One TikTok user gave something to her now-ex that she can never get back … her kidney. Colleen Le donated her kidney to her then boyfriend in 2016, only to find out 6 months later that he cheated on her. TO HER CREDIT, she said it would be easy to feel negatively about the surgery, she said she’s “found peace” and has no regrets. I would have showed-up with a zip lock baggy at his door, saying, I want it now! (People)