Rabbit Feeders…for Kids!

Rabbit Feeders…for Kids!

A New Jersey man eating raw clams at his favorite restaurant left the table with a nice gift for his wife. Michael and Maria Spressler were dining at a popular seafood restaurant when Michael ate a clam and bit down on something hard. He panicked and thought he cracked a molar, but then realized it was a large pearl. Turns out the pearl may be worth thousands of dollars, but for now they’re going to keep it and maybe have it set into a nice piece of jewelry for Maria. (KYW-TV)

A cargo ship Cargo ship carrying several thousand cars has sunk in the Atlantic. A fire broke out on board….all the crew was rescued, but the cars, many of them Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys are now at the bottom of the ocean. So, you’ll have to wait another while for your Lamborghini…you poor soul. (The Verge)

And finally,

The Daily Mail says a Queensland, Australia mother is going viral because she attached a rabbit feeder to her son’s bunk bed. The water bottle has stopped him for asking for water at night. The mother posted; ”Got tired of my kid calling out all through the night for drinks. Boom. Best $5 I ever spent.” Now if they made one that holds a nice caberet…