High-Heeled Wedding Crocs!

High-Heeled Wedding Crocs!

A showing of “The Batman” was interrupted on Friday night when a live bat flew into an Austin, Texas movie theater. Theater employees could not get the bat out, so they gave everyone another ticket to see the movie at another time. Some people stayed and finished the film as the bat flew in front of the screen. The movie theater believes someone released the bat as a prank. Good thing it wasn’t a double feature with “Snakes on a Plane” or “Arachnophia.” (KXAN)

Have you ever eaten a meal that brought you to tears? A man in China has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition known as “crocodile tear syndrome,” which causes him to break down in tears every time he eats.  Doctors say the problem involves nerve fibers being misdirected and interfering with the salivary glands. So, when the taste or smell of food would ordinarily make him salivate, it instead, makes him cry. Mr. Zhang opted to have a surgical procedure to treat the condition and it appears to have worked, although it’s uncertain how long it will last. (Oddity Central)

And finally,

Newsweek magazine says brides are trading in high heels for Crocs. The new trend started on Tik-Tok and shows brides spraying glitter on their white clogs. Over 35,000 people recently liked a video of one woman wearing Wedding Crocs. You know, all we need is one Kardashian wearing wedding crocks and they’ll be flying off the shelves.