Large Spider Invasion!

Large Spider Invasion!

If you’re afraid of spiders, keep your eyes open for a large spider from Asia! The Joro spider arrived in Georgia last year and took over yards with its golden web. And since it can survive in cold weather, the Joro population has grown over the winter — and researchers expect to see them thriving this year. You’ll know when you see them. They are brightly colored and could be twice the size of a typical house spider. Good luck, everybody!

Having trouble booking a date for your wedding? Why not get married in Italy? The Italian region of Lazio (where Rome is located) is offering couples more than $2000 to book their wedding there. The money can used for anything related to the wedding, like clothes, flowers, cakes, photographers. The offer is limited to 5,000 couples and only runs through December 31. Go to “Love in Lazio” website. But be prepared – the site is in Italian. (Travel & Leisure)

And finally,

A Humestan, Iowa cat has been renamed after the Wizard of Oz character Dorothy because she recently survived a tornado. Dorothy was hiding in a shed when the storm passed by her home. The shed was destroyed while Dorothy survived. Her owner, Patty Arnold, tells the website, “I’m sure it was terrifying for her, but she doesn’t seem to mind now. How she survived it, I don’t know.” She survived a tornado but will totally lose it if you point  laser on the ground. (Newsweek)