The Longest Car in the World!

The Longest Car in the World!

There are guys who like big cars — and then there is Michael Manning, who now officially owns the record for the longest car in the world. He restored a super limousine known as the American Dream, which is more than 100 feet long. The white limo — which was built with the bodies of six Cadillac Eldorados — can seat up to 75 people. It would be able to seat even more, but he had to leave enough room for the swimming pool, hot tub, putting green and helipad. We hear it’s a smooth ride, as long as you don’t try to turn it.

From the “That Was a Close One” file: The European Space Agency said a  230 foot, hockey rink-sized asteroid was on a collision course with Earth for July 2023. However, USA Today now says that Astronomers re-examined its path and say it poses no danger. Isn’t that something you want to double-check before you predict the complete ANNIHILATION of the earth? Did they not see “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix?

And finally,

The Clearwater, Florida police have arrested The Hugging Bandit. Cathy Stevens is facing 12 charges. The 65 year-old would approach older men, act like she knew them, and then steal their wallets while hugging them. Many of her victims were 70 years old and older…and said, they’d be happy to be victims again as soon as Cathy gets out of jail. (WFLA)