Kentucky is Smelling Sexy!

Kentucky is Smelling Sexy!

Interstate 71 in Kenton County, Kentucky was recently closed after a Victoria’s Secret delivery truck crashed. Workers spent hours picking up hundreds of pieces of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, and there was also a big spill of Bath and Body Works lotion all over the road. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.  Kentucky now smells like it’s ready for romance. (Fox News)

Yale’s basketball team just won the Ivy League tournament. It was a great victory. However, after the victory, the team wore t-shirts that read ‘Yale Bullgods’ instead of ‘Bulldogs.’ So much for that 60-grand tuition.  (Brobible)

And finally,

People on TikTok are talking about parenting rules they have, that not everyone would agree with.  One woman says that she allows her kids to curse at rthe age of 13 IF they use it in the proper context and they don’t disrespect adults.  Another mother said, that when her kids turn 16, she requires them to get a job and pay rent…at 16 years old! However, She saves the money, and then when they choose to leave, she gives it all back to them so they have a “nice nest-egg” to start out. I wonder if she also gives them the interest she’s earned.