Marry Yourself?

Marry Yourself?

You have to be of a certain age to know what a big deal the Sony Walkman was back in the day. It changed the way we experienced music, letting us to take the music with us. Well, Sony is back with two new Walkman music players. They’re both gold-plated, feature touch screens and are designed for high-quality sound. One is priced at $1,600 — and the other costs $3,200. But you don’t need a pencil to wind the tape up when your walkman eats it.

Thieves recently used a trap door to steal 1,000 gallons of gas from a Houston, Texas gas station. A dark van parked over the gas station’s underground storage tanks before thieves siphoned 1,080 gallons through a trap door. The station lost $5,000 in fuel. The Houston police are investigating. I’m sure there was a big sign in that van that said, “no smoking.”

And finally,

It seems sologamy – marrying yourself – is increasing in popularity among women since the pandemic. Basically, some women are committing to loving themselves – complete with a wedding dress, ring, and even a ceremony.  One psychologist said, “Conducting a sologamy ceremony can be the perfect way to enhance self-compassion and appreciate yourself in the best way possible.” And if you divorce yourself, you still get to keep all your stuff! (Insider)