Dad Loves Dog Biscuits!

Dad Loves Dog Biscuits!

A man broke into a gas station in Greenfield, Wisconsin, but there was a problem:  He couldn’t access the registers, because they were behind a wall of BULLETPROOF glass. He didn’t want to leave empty-handed, sohe saw a garbage can, and just started filling it with candy and energy drinks.  Then he carried it out to his vehicle and left. Police are looking for a real fidgety guy with bad tooth decay.

A woman on Reddit says she was talking to her dad about gas prices recently, and that led to him telling her about these amazing “biscuits” he picks up at the local gas station every time he goes.  He’s been grabbing them for about 20 years. She was curious, so he brought her a pack.  She looked it over, and told him that they were clearly DOG TREATS.  He was shocked, and said he doesn’t know if he’ll keep eating them, because they “don’t taste the same now that he knows.”

And finally,

A male birth control pill is in development. The pill was 99% effective at preventing pregnancy in mice. Human trials will start later this year. The pill is being developed by the University of Minnesota. Side effects are minimal. It would be SO ironic if the side effect was say, impotence. (Gizmodo)